Pictures from Heck

For someone that moved to an entirely new city not even a month and a half ago, I sure haven’t taken many pictures! Before I attempt to rectify this by taking my aging Olympus out to the mean streets of Hoboken, I present to you two distinctly different images.

The first represents an enterprising young man thrusting his hand in the pool of commerce in the interest of making sure that he doesn’t have to walk around the city baring his feet. Nike Air Max 1! I summon your time-reversing powers to give me the power of the “slam dunk” and teach me to “ball”!

The second picture is one of horror, and has experienced no Photo Shoppe adjustments whatsoever. This young demon, named “Rocky” and aged hardly past a puking pup, immediately turned a fully lit room into Hell once the photo was snapped (also, my fingers were over the flash)!

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