Raspberry Beret

I never thought I’d see a modern gaming rag with Splatterhouse on the cover, but it seems EGM has that covered now. I shouldn’t be too surprised, what with all the old franchises making modern comebacks, but it’s still pretty rad.

The Splatterhouse series was never really GREAT, and some may argue that it was never GOOD (though I will slap these people with an iron gauntlet), but it’s super memorable for being grody and obscenely violent and pretty much everything else that my young game-loving self wanted to play.

It’s definitely up there on the all too light list of “Gross-out Games.”

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Beret

  1. We were actually playing the original Splatterhouse weekend before last at TekkoShoCon. A friend of a friend brought his import SuperGrafx (the upgraded Turbo Grafx-16 in Japan) console for the game room and the Japanese HuCard of the game. Unlike the US version of the game for the TG-16, it’s uncut and has the original white hockey mask on the main character.

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