Post #500

Had the stars been properly aligned, the Free Wesley Snipes post (one containing virtually zero content) would have been the 500th post on this blog of blogs; this effervescent cavern in which, if one were to try hard enough, one might be able to catch a whiff of my “underwears.”

Yet, while Wesley sits stewing, contemplating his future behind bars—a fate from which he can be saved… BY YOU—I sit here on a fine Monday morning, thinking about what could possibly comprise my 500th post. Perhaps, just as it all began (though nitpicking fans will be quick to point out that the forthcoming link is actually post #2), I could post an exciting and titillating video that is sure to rouse the fires of your youthful loins (video since removed/fires doused).

I could always join the rest of the internet in a fit of excitement over Grand Theft Auto IV‘s looming release, dancing savagely to what I imagine its many rhythms to be. I could post a photo of a cat; I could even cleverly caption it to capture the essence of some hidden humor. I could actually finish that top 5 game soundtracks countdown, start a new Boss Week, or conjure a Slamm Dunk cover from the recesses of America’s collective consciousness.

I had the same conundrum with the 400th post, and while I probably should have taken the hint not to pay attention to the post numbers, I still ended up talking about The Milkman Cometh, so we can chalk that one up as a win/win situation.

Actually, looking over that one again, I don’t think I’ll be able to top Robert Forster this morning, so you’re on your own! Expect a few of my vague promises to come to fruition in the coming days, weeks, or months!

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