Operation: Free Comic Book Day

For the longest time—and maybe this is a product of experiencing this fine holiday in Louisville—I associated Free Comic Book Day with an opportunity to become annually reacquainted with one or more of the lovable scamps at Riverdale High. Offerings beyond the occasional issue of Spider-man would extend to Jughead or Betty & Veronica, and I wasn’t necessarily complaining. Sure, I don’t think I’d pay for an Archie comic at this point in my life, but I won’t turn my nose up at them like some ghoulish fiend adverse to fine literature.

So today I put on my walkin’ shoes and set out with a couple of Prime Friends to enjoy my very first Free Comic Book Day in New York City, and I gotta say that things have changed over the years! First of all, I should mention that Forbidden Planet is a killer comic shop, and I would have stayed longer if it hadn’t been so darn crowded. The crowd became understandable, though, as I was ushered around to the back, where they bestowed upon my person a large black bag full of fully illustrated periodicals, presumably chosen at random.

Our three respective hauls were all different, but here’s my dubious pull in no particular order:

Ultimate Fantastic Four #47
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #99
The Man in the Iron Mask (5 of 6)
The Incredible Hercules #113
52 (Week Fifty-One)
Dragonlance: Chronicles: Dragons of Spring Dawning #4
Delete #5
Ed Burns’ Dock Walloper #1
Heroes for Hire #9
Ghost Whisperer #2
52 (Week Fifty-Two)
52 (Week Fifty)
Wonder Man (1 of 5)
Wonder Man (4 of 5)
Dominion (4 of 5)
Wisdom (2 of 6)

The jury’s still out on how many of these are destined to be kindling, but I’ll be sure to report back on DOCK WALLOPER.

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