Iron Maiden

I think I figured out why CVS is selling all of those boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for such an outlandishly cheap price: none of them contain the elusive MACH 5 toy! I bought another box today, but got the same red car once again. My troubles, they run deep.

I suppose since I had a countdown for Jon Favreau’s Iron Man up for a month I should mention that I finally got a chance to go check it out last night. My general reaction mirrors a lot of what I had already heard about it. I liked it a lot, Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast, and it really was worth it to stay after the credits (even if it had been spoiled for me at that point by some ne’er-do-wells).

The most impressive part of the movie to me was that it wasn’t just all about SFX. Most of the movie was spent outside of the suit setting it all up, and I dug pretty much all of the characters and the actors that played them. However, when it was finally time to suit up, well, I don’t think many superhero movies look more impressive than this one. Favreau’s intention to shoot the CG Top Gun style as opposed to something like Stealth (sorry, Jimmy) really paid off.

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