Still Spyin’

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in a long time. But I assure you I’ve been spending every waking hour thinking about stuff like Madballs, Rambo, and all that junk, so nothing’s changed.

Today I was in Target when I noticed some toys called SPY GEAR. Now, any mid-twenties clown worth their salt remembers SpyTech, gadgets devised to turn an average, everyday kid into a regular James Bond (Jr.). I was no stranger to the technological wizardry behind these plastic delights, owning both the Rearview-Mirror Sunglasses and the Periscope. The latter can be seen in the following ad. I didn’t search too long on YouTube, so I only found the Spanish version, but I’m betting that was the best possible outcome.

Compare that to the dweebs playing with Spy Gear. I’d love to challenge them to some sort of stealthy competition, perhaps staged in a large, empty warehouse full of traps and secrets. Do you really think their “Lazer Trip Wire” could stop us? A dog can get past it.

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