Finally, my current location (Hoboken) and curious obsession (Uwe Boll news) have been married today in gaming blogs nationwide. There’s nothing better than reading what the good ol’ mayor of Hoboken thinks of Boll’s latest flick, which was party to the kind of mass exodus usually associated with post-apocalyptic futures. This will no doubt make Boll simultaneously furious and ecstatic.

Director Uwe Boll feels his film should provoke people.

“Being politically correct, let’s say, the big studios are kind of overdoing it,” Boll said. “I feel it is time now to make a really wild movie, something over the top.”

I’ve got an idea for a big Boll publicity stunt that involves yet another critic trashing his movies. As a result, Boll challenges him and others to a second set of rounds in the boxing ring, once again denying them training. However, it turns out that all of the “critics” are actually one man with many pen names:

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