The Devil Machine

This thing has been sitting out front all week, pounding logs into the ground so loud it sounds like two Transformers making sweet love in the street.

It pounds in the ground with the sound of a hellhound, for it is… THE DEVIL MACHINE!
Only rain can drain its primordial brain of the hunger it holds for pain, for it is… THE DEVIL MACHINE!
A workman sits inside its head, making sure the bastard beast is fed, for it is… THE DEVIL MACHINE!
Bursting forth from Hell’s grimy gate, YOU’RE the next meal on its slimy plate, for it is… THE DEVIL MACHINE!

“Oh, I’ll tell ya the machine’s secret all right. In fact, why don’t we go for a little RIDE!”


Witness… pulse pounding terror that will bind your spine.
And DRAMA… that will bend your mind.

“Don’t look at me — I didn’t build the damn thing, MAN!”

Starring John Saxon, Fred Williamson, David Hess, and featuring Rick Baker’s thrilling effects that bring to life the relentless terror of… THE DEVIL MACHINE!

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