Boss Week II Prelude: Enter Your Name

One of the big reasons that protagonists in games are such wusses is that they have to enter their names at the beginning of almost every game. Do you think JAQUIO had to type his name letter by letter into some time-weathered guest list before wreaking havoc on Ryu Hayabusa’s world? Arguable, but doubtful.

“Heck no I wouldn’t!”
So this is the part of Boss Week II (which by the Law of Luster must officially start on Wednesday) where I ask for your suggestions. What ruthless rules of the boss world would you like discussed? What bosses deem thee worthy of merit? Comment here or contact me via the email link on the sidebar. You can even submit DRAWINGS and I will post them, for I am always hungry for content like a giant anthropomorphic wall that halts your progress through a stage!

Ah, the Joseph Luster Report, ever a microcosm of the entertainment industry. Now you can see for yourself, when I have nothing original to post, I TURN TO SEQUELS!

3 thoughts on “Boss Week II Prelude: Enter Your Name

  1. I, Brandon Fincher, hereby promise to contribute to the JLR at least 2 separate illustrations depicting my favorite bosses. These illustrations will likely be committed to notebook paper (or possibly post-its) through the medium of whatever colored ink pins I can locate on or around my desk.

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