State of the JLR Address

One of the chief lessons of life is to never admit any mistakes you make ever, so there will be none of that here. As far as I’m concerned, I have been keeping up with this blog regularly, posting every single day of my life, and crafting the most perfectly poignant sequel to Boss Week in just the right way, pleasing my fans with virtual belly scratches and an endless assortment of musings on both life and what lies beyond.

However, there will always be critics that cannot see these efforts through their own bullishness. Here’s one such example, taken from an exchange with the EIC of “DudeBroBlog” (which is matter-of-factly the most frequently updated blog in the history of mankind):

DBB-EIC: dude, the JLY has jumped the shark
DBB-EIC: sorry, JLR

He can’t even get the name right. What a boozer! For a moment, let’s take his words “seriously” and analyze the points at which the JLR has ceased to be for long periods at a time. Generally, these periods follow something groundbreaking; Earth-shattering acts that simply can’t be followed. Could you imagine NASA putting a man on the Moon and then doing something right after that? No way, they take a break, as do I.

Recently, I posted a lot of awesome stuff sporadically. It’s very exhausting, but it’s not the biggest break I’ve ever taken. That came on the old blog when I posted an Earth-shattering handmade critique of Brad Anderson’s “Marmaduke,” which I shall now paste below these words, ensuring yet another 10-12 days of inactivity on this very site!

Till next time, Earthlings!

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