Galactic Ghetto Something or Other

Alright, the Galactic Ghetto Netflix Queue is in full effect once again, its first order of business being a plate of Speed Racer on Blu-ray served pipin’ hot. I know I talked the movie up big time before it came out theatrically, but I never actually got the chance to “give it the business” personally. I’m sure my $10+ wouldn’t have contributed too admirably to the pile of bottlecaps it earned at the box office, but I still had pangs of regret for not checking it out at the time.

Now I’m glad I waited. Speed Racer is insane on Blu-ray. Being such an intensely colorful movie, it really explodes in hi-def, and it made the eye-assaulting experience that much more enjoyable for me. I guess I can’t really blame people that didn’t dig the flick, but the Wachowskis’ attempt at creating a live-action cartoon is wholly successful. It may be a tad long, and it may start slowly, but Speed is fun as hell and just generally exciting overall.

Next on the GGNQ is April Fool’s Day (1986), and I can’t think of a better time to watch that than… right now!

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