Choriki Shorai!

Yesterday I was treated to The Box Set Joseph Luster Has Been Most Excited About in 2008: Inazuman! Let me tell you, Inazuman is one of my favorite tokusatsu series in a world of really awesome tokusatsu series.

I first witnessed its power via an eBay-bought bootleg DVD called “The Golden Age of Tokusatsu.” Its round plastic casing restricted a mighty force of live-action madness in four parts: Kamen Rider Amazon, Denjin Zaboga, the Kikaida 3-D movie, and Inazuman. With the exception of the movie (the third dimension of which was rendered useless and all it was missing was a flashing VHS TRACKING notice), these were all subtitled first-episode-only samplers, and they shaped my life thusly, shrinking MAN into BOY in an instant.

Inazuman struck me as especially special right from the get-go, though. Maybe it was Kikaida himself, Ban Daisuke, in the lead role that made me swoon. Maybe the extraordinarily HOT wheels he commanded made me want to make SCRRRRR noises with my toy cars. Actually, it was probably the fact that protagonist Goro Watari transformed not once, but twice before really sockin’ it to the show’s baddies.

That’s right. First Goro becomes Sanagiman, a brawler rocky enough to make Ben Grimm wanna turn in his superhero credentials. But that’s never enough, Inazuman has to finish the job and right the wrongs of the evil Emperor Bamba (bulabulabulabulaaaa). The theme song is rockin’, the show is nothing but fun, and I’ve only seen a couple of episodes so far! While I could never avoid recommending digging around for that shady disc that once put some curlies underneath m’carriage, JNProductions’ new set is a pretty hoppin’ way to dig into this one.

I leave you with a titillating transformation into Sanagiman.

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