Instant Queueriosities

Only two days into its existence and my Xbox Live Netflix instant queue is scorching up the charts. The freedom of not waiting for discs allows for some truly bold decisions; some regrettable, some not. I’ll let you closely judge the first three, pictured in some form below. Before you do, though, I should just take a moment to mention how excellent this service is so far. The video quality of Shrooms (not so much the movie itself), specifically, was phenomenal, and it streamed in its entirety without as much as a stutter.

Number three is the real humdinger. Yes, you can watch this right now on your Xbox for free if you’re a member of Netflix. Don’t blame me if you see vapors of Slamm Dunk, blame DIC.

I love the twist at the end. Just when you think it’s all about basketball, hockey and baseball, you learn that “it’s all about helping kids.”

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