Here is perhaps the final entry in my don’t-have-a-scanner-here-so-I’m-capturing-small-sketchbook-drawings-via-my-cell-phone-camera-then-photoshopping-them series. It is the country’s great hero Son of a Gun and he is very proud and fierce.

I briefly entertained doing a top 10 movies of ’08 list, not unlike what I did with games, but I think I’m going to scrap those plans. Frankly, I haven’t seen everything I wanted to see in 2008 yet, and the list I’ve cobbled together might not be too different from something you might see elsewhere.

There are some oddities, of course, like Neil Marshall’s Doomsday. That would be in there, for sure. Hellboy II, I would likely include that, as I enjoyed it a lot. There would probably be a Rambo here or a Rambow there, on that I cannot be budged. Comedies like Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express would puncture and enter its inner sanctum. I am certain The Dark Knight would rear his head, that was a very good movie. I would feel naked and cold if I didn’t include Let The Right One In, and throwing Slumdog Millionaire directly behind it would warm me up, too. You might even see Wall-E there somewhere around the middle.

I think that’s ten. I guess that’s my Top 10, then.

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