Nekome Kozou

I’m a little late on getting around to these, but I finally picked up the first Viz release of Kazuo Umezu’s Cat Eyed Boy, which is an awesome read just as pretty much everything else I’ve read by Kazmandu is. What really impresses me, though, is the design of the cover and insides of the manga. I wish I could scan the whole 360 degrees of it, but rest assured that once I have the second volume, they’ll each make a formidable pair of bricks on my shelf.

I also really like this image below, which I recklessly stole from Same Hat, and wouldn’t have minded seeing on one of the covers. That logo looks especially rad, but man, you gotta see the spine on these Viz editions. Totally worth the use of my Borders gift card.

Anyway, you should pick these up at Amazon, because the price is right, they’re thick as hell, and if you’re interested at all in this type of comic they’re worth supporting.

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