Early Call: Best of 2009

Why wait until 2010 when I can call it right now?

Best movie of 2009: YATTERMAN

Got to check the premiere of this bad boy last Friday. It’s non-stop from beginning to end, and is definitely one of Miike’s most fun movies. I’ll be posting a full review on the OUSA site this week, so I’ll link that when it’s up.

Best game of 2009: FLOWER

Flower is mind-blowing in a lot of ways, and needs to be experienced from beginning to end in one sitting. I’m glad that Sony has been working hard to keep the press from showing off video or images from the second half of the game, because it’s incredible.

Of course you know I’m not really calling the best of ’09 in February, though it’s just the sort of trick’ry I’d like to pull. Either way, I can guarantee these will remain among my favorites for the duration of the year.

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