The World of Phreekombudae

Today, for those that don’t already have your noses deeply wedged in the spine of an Archie Double Digest, is Free Comic Book Day. In celebration of this fine Saturday, Jfish (of Big Man Face and Dark Rainbow fame) commissioned some of his fellow artists to combine their efforts in making a giant map of “Phreekombudae,” a world composed entirely of comics!

Being among those valiant folks, I thought I’d share this link with you all. You can check the map out, download a 300dpi version to hand out at a comic shoppe or, if you’re in the Portland area, head to Floating World Comics where the initial batch is being handed out. For those that want an immediate compass-point to my own continent, it’s the one on the right side that’s numbered XXIII. Truly a Co-Co Island, if you will.

I have to give Jason some major props for this, because the scale is pretty massive. Getting everyone to draw comics is one thing, but putting them together in a world map like this is a different beast entirely.

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