Gas Baby: Chapter 5, Page 72

GB72TeaserClick to read!
It was hard to find a teaser image that would not be considered a “spoiler.” This one kind of still is, but that’s okay. Chapter 5 is screaming to a close with just three more pages left, folks. In the meantime, I present to you an exciting bit of excrement I like to call…

The Making of Page 72
Here’s an intimate peek inside the process of creating a Gas Baby page. First, I start off with this extremely detailed script page:

Then I try to make sense of it with my Pilot Precise V5 pen. I should probably pencil this stuff out beforehand, but I haven’t penciled a single page of Gas Baby so I think starting now would be a mistake. Since I’ve been coloring with Prismacolor markers for this chapter, I have to keep the pre-color details scant. Then I add more lines after the markers have dried.

Here is page 72 before I started coloring:

The pages are mostly done by the time I scan them, but I add more details and fix problems/levels with Photoshop. I have to say, this is probably the only chapter I’ll fully color with actual markers. It’s not that it’s too time-consuming, it’s just expensive and I have to be a lot more careful while working on them. I’ll still be coloring them digitally, and I might actually have to do that with the very next page, so stay tuned!

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