JLR Exclusive: The Thing: Clobberin’ Time

How appropriate that E3 is going on right now. While in Louisville, I unearthed these age old “design docs” for a beat ’em up called THE THING: CLOBBERIN’ TIME. Our research puts this somewhere around Earth Date 199X, when I was attending Middle School. Let’s have a closer look, okay? Please click each image to enlarge and study.

Just look at that sweet cover art. The game is apparently disc-based.

The first stage is a doozy: “The Streets.” Note the appearance of my obsession with enemies. Also, I’m pretty sure the bosses exist based on the Toybiz toys I had scattered around me.
Check out The Mines! One can only assume that Hulk has been captivated by some sort of mind control device, thus making him your sworn enemy.
It figures that Fantastic Four HQ would be loaded with such a nefarious Trash Compactor mini-boss.
The frightening mini-boss trend continues in Latveria. But will The Thing be able to escape the might of… TERRAX?
Note the grim mystery surrounding Doc Doom. Then go look at the cover of the game again and realize his face is visible there. But he is not your final foe. That honor belongs to…
And we end it all on a somewhat revolutionary note: a first-person escape sequence!

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