Tokyo Gore Night

This weekend was an NYAFF gore explosion, starting with Friday’s premiere of Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. That was awesome and I’ll definitely be posting a review on Otaku USA this week, but there was also a major Hungry Man meal to devour last night.

Tokyo Gore Night had Tokyo Gore Police director Yoshihiro Nishimura returning to the stage with Machine Girl director Noburo Iguchi (along with Tak Sakaguchi and VFX supervisor Tsuyoshi Kazuno) to screen all the TGP shorts, as well as Machine Girl Lite (or Shyness Machine Girl or whatever else it’s called). It was also Iguchi’s 40th birthday, which, after Sakaguchi threw darts at everyone’s asses in order to grant admittance to samurai school, led to audience spankings and gift presentation.

I’d love to caption every picture, and maybe I’ll start to now, but go ahead and check out the photo album below for some highlights.

Tokyo Gore Night

UPDATE: Alright, friends and foes alike, I ended up captioning every photo. Give ’em a peek!

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