Salmon Party Q&A

Is it true that you don’t write anymore and only post stupid pictures?

Yes and no. I actually write way more than I draw, which is probably one of the reasons I haven’t been writing much here lately.

Yeah right, prove it.

That’s not a question, but this month sees a Luster Double Hhhh-wwwwhammy on the newsstands, so please go check out the following fine periodicals!

Megan Fox will lead you like a siren to my double whopper cover feature on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Since it was written, oh, back in April or so, it’s far from a critique of the movie, and is centered more on the info I got from interviewing Shia LaBeouf and VFX supervisor Scott Farrar.

Don’t stop there, though. I also wrote a sidebar for the G.I. Joe feature detailing the history of the toy line and, as is to be expected, wrote the Games column.

This issue should honestly be picked up by everyone on merit of Daryl Surat’s Fist of the North Star feature alone. No other magazine is brave or bold enough to feature so many hot pics of Kenshiro’s journey through our wasteland future.

Personally, I tackle the usual suspects here. I’m particularly into my Shigurui review, because that series is hot and needs to be seen. Also: some news, games, and reviews of Ichi the Killer and L: Change the World in the Tokyoscope section.

Go buy magazines!

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