Meet the Wick’d Weirdos

Are you ready for some weirrrdoooooooos!?

It’s October, which many know as the greatest month there is. I’m inclined to agree, and to cement that thought more firmly in your mind, I present to you your newest pals. You’ll wanna collect ’em all. They’re the way out warriors of the what’d-I-eat wasteland, WICK’D WEIRDOS!

Here are your first two Weirdos. Well, technically you get four thanks to the addition of two bonus brothers.

He’s got one arm but he can do plenty of harm
Curd and the bros are rude, crude and gross
Stick around to find more about these fearsome but flavourful fiends. Oh, and if anyone gets a wild hair and feels like cleaning up the WW logo, be my guest!

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