Beep City Presents: Love Songs from the Future

Brandon and I just released the first ever Beep City compilation, a marriage of our own music and some of the best artists in the community. Check it out, it’s really good.

Love Songs from the Future vol. 1

Track Listing

01. Warm Green Something (Bit Rat)
02. Battle For Bifrost (Daemon9623)
03. Nicole Shippo (Alex Mauer)
04. The Tale of A Pirate (Nario)
05. Honey Hive (Moldilox)
06. Infernal Shell (Temp Sound Solutions)
07. Never To Return (Norrin Radd)
08. Kludge (Captain Tortilla)
09. Flight of The Peacock Lords (Prizmatic Spray)
10. Air Raid The Ocean (Zio and TEH LOLZ)
11. Sputnik (Wizwars)
12. Jungle Jim’s Jellybean Jamboree (Djinnocide)

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