JLR: The Virtual Magazine

If you’re reading this right now, you probably have some fancy equipment like an iPad or an iPhone. Congratulations, because that’s the only way to view my blog now, as I’m moving past what one would even consider a “blog.” In fact, that will be the last time I refer to this as such, because going forward the JLR is a virtual magazine.

What kind of content can you expect from a “virtual magazine,” you ask? Well, certainly pictures of butterflies will not suffice. The JLR will heretofore only serve the most elegant of content, which you may literally peruse with your fingers as you would a real magazine. Now, touch your screen to read on.

Alright now, on to more of the features. Thanks to a fully integrated system of content, you can actually access all of this site’s old stories just as easily as you would the new. All you have to do is flip your thumb over to the sidebar and choose from various dates and subjects. It’s a pretty hefty backlog, but the JLR’s engineers had little trouble putting everything together.

If you have any questions about the way this all works, don’t hesitate to ask. Below you’ll find a drawing, which you can pinch and pull to zoom in and out for a better view.


Joseph Luster

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