rock of ages

I recently wrote a review of Rock of Ages for Crunchyroll. This game was a really odd experience for me, because, as I mentioned in the review, I’ve never been a fan of tower defense games. They both more me to tears and give me an odd kind of anxiety. I don’t know what it is, but for the most part they suck and should be relegated to freeware titles or 99¢ apps.

Rock of Ages—developed by ACE Team, who made the almost off-puttingly weird but fun first-person action game Zeno Clash—is a different story all together. I think a lot of it has to do with the more action-centric, Marble Madness/Monkey Ball gameplay, but I had just as much fun setting up defenses prior to each roll of the boulder.

Ultimately, though, its simplicity lies in the fact that it’s all a race against time. Once you realize it’s more a matter of getting shit done quicker than whoever’s on the business end of your boulder, it becomes a game of figuring out the best way to navigate increasingly ridiculous courses. So yea, Marble Madness. I played through it in a single sitting with my man Napplejax, qualifying Rock of Ages as a certifiable DAY GAME. (Yea, I just referenced a blog post from 2006. Whatcha-whatcha gon’ do about it?)

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