burnout paradise

The few people here who also frequented my old blog—actually, that probably accounts for roughly 100% of the people who read this—may have been wondering just why I stopped updating the other one. The answer is, unsurprisingly, complete burnout.

It’s as lame an excuse as any, but it’s true. I would wake up, write some articles, do some work on scripts, do whatever else and eventually go to bed to wake up and do it again. Don’t get me wrong, the work is fun, but the last thing I was thinking about after wrapping up a full day of writing was, “Oh, sweet, now I can log onto my blog and write about instruction manuals or… what ever the hell else it is I write about there.” I think I forgot what it was for after a while, and like a lot of things it fell to the wayside. Here’s a picture to break this up just to show you how goddamn good I am at this.

I could always write about my day. It was called “The Joseph Luster Report,” right? Nah, that’s not my thing. I don’t get whatever cathartic release others do from sharing things about themselves, even if that’s kind of what I’m doing now. It’s boring. I want to write about how ruthless it is that Double Dragon opens with a girl getting punched in the gut and slung over some dude’s back, not about how many Five Guys burgers I ate from 2009-2010 (a lot).

Besides, how was I supposed to top such classic posts as 2006’s “The Anatomy of an Instruction Manual”? It would be foolish to even attempt, right? As far as I was concerned, I had “beaten,” or perhaps even “solved,” blogging, just as my friends and I had beaten podcasting by doing the amazing show Robotronic Dynamite (R.I.P.) for a couple years. The village below is the Internet and this is what my collective works have done to it and its peoples.

But no! My job here is not done! And that’s why I started fresh, exemplifying the many toasts made to “new beginnings” over the years. Rather than succumbing to burnout, it’s a lot more fun to embrace it and do something even better than before. That’s what you can expect at subhumanzoids. Something better than before. Perhaps the best thing available to read for free online? Perhaps.

However, if you do want me to close this with something personal, I just drank a large pumpkin spice latte and legit feel like I’m going to barf.

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