spiraling into the vortex

If this blog just isn’t enough for you, as of today I now have three tumblrs set up of varying levels of update action. Let’s break it down for those who just can’t possibly risk following three tumblrs by the same dude.

Slamm Dunk

This one is pretty straightforward. All the Slamm Dunk covers I’ve ever drawn are here, and it’ll be updated every time I do a new one. Hopefully these will become more regular soon!


Here’s the art companion to this very blog. It’s been on the sidebar since I started this, so if you’ve been following this, or following me on Twitter, then you probably know about it. I post all my art here.

Memory Phase

Finally, the newest addition. Yes, I now have a damn tumblr on which I’ll reblog crap, so if you like cool images follow this one!

Follow none and your life is forfeit.

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