whisky psycho hellions

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but this post has nothing to do with its title. I’m just listening to a song by Wolf called “Whisky Psycho Hellions” right now and that’s a hell of a name for a song.

I’ve had a Wii U for a little over a week now, so I wrote a thing about what it’s like to be a dude who’s had a Wii U for a little over a week. The short version: It’s pretty fun! It’s definitely Nintendo, but it’s some kind of new, weird Nintendo that rebels against its parents and hangs out with the wrong crowd. It gets online and looks at porn. Or, rather, get online with it and look at porn.

Or, as this article on Gamasutra puts it, “Even Nintendo may not have fully realized what it has done. It has domesticated the wildness of the present moment in video games, consumer electronics, the internet, and home entertainment by caging them out in the open. It’s lurid and beautiful and repugnant and real, like watching Mickey Mouse smoke a joint in the alley behind Space Mountain.”

It’s a cheeky little thing, Wii U. Why, here’s the saucy little tart sitting in my living room with its screen shamelessly on display for all to see.

Sometimes I think about this blog and feel a bit guilty, since I don’t post in it nearly as often as I should. Clearly I’m attempting to rectify that, but first I had to figure out why I wasn’t using it. Well, the answer is clear: My day job is writing and blogging—I do so for a few magazines, keep up the Otaku USA site, and blog news all day at Crunchyroll—so doing it on my free time isn’t always a top priority.

However, now that I’ve found the source of the problem, I’m making a more concerted effort to post more. This is the last I’ll address it, because the only thing worse than a dead blog is one that only sparks and stutters back to life to remind everyone that it’s dead. Long live ME.

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