return of the king

While I wasn’t met with quite as much fanfare as I would have liked/expected, I’m now back home in Louisville. Rather than catch my absurdly early flight bleary-eyed after four hours of sleep, I opted to catch my absurdly early flight bleary-eyed after zero hours of sleep. There’s a great advantage to being dead tired on a plane, though; it’s basically time travel if you’re like me and you can conk out from take off to landing.

Now, as is tradition, I find myself trapped in a spider’s web of entertainment. Being home  and in my room is essentially like stumbling into a time capsule of my own construction… because that’s exactly what it is? I don’t know, I told you I haven’t slept, leave me alone. The point is my ROOM is my oyster and I’m overwhelmed as usual.


I’ll probably end up watching the latest episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the new TV anime adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s sprawling manga. I’d like to write some more about the show here, because despite being kind of poorly animated, it’s really rad. In the meantime, go read a feature I wrote about it last week!

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