hot-steppin’ with the big guy

Hopefully those of you who follow this blog also follow Slamm Dunk, the most amazing intergalactic basketball superhero of all time. I’ve been planning to make installments of the series’ legendary covers more regular, and I posted the first new ones in a while just a couple weeks ago.

"I quit!"
Slamm gives up on this impossible fight in classic form in one of the Japanese editions of Slamm Dunk.

I’m working on another one right now, but you don’t have to wait until I’m done to get more SLAMM! Eternal Friend of the JLR Lardy Revenger whipped up his very own cover, marking just the second guest contribution in Slamm Dunk history! Head to his blarg or the Slamm Dunk tumblr to check it out.

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