kuribo’s ice skate

After a little bit of debate and more than a handful of failed attempts, I finally sold my Wii U a couple months ago. It wasn’t really doing anything other than sitting collecting dust, just as I promised it wouldn’t when I first bought it off a friend at launch. I couldn’t warrant something relatively expensive sitting around with no purpose aside from hope that flickered in the distance.

Now I really want Super Mario 3D World. As excited as I was for The Wonderful 101 and Platinum Games’ other sure-to-be-rad actioner, Bayonetta 2, I haven’t coveted a Mario experience like this for ages. The videos only had me mildly excited, but then I saw these screens Nintendo recently released.

This is a seriously violent picture

Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_002 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_007 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_011 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_012 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_013 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_016

I recommend clicking on those bad boys for an embiggened treat. It seriously looks incredible, and so fun. It’s Kuribo’s Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3… with ice skates!

Here, have more, I ain’t stingy:
Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_018 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_019 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_020 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_021 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_022 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_023 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_024 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_025 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_028 Super-Mario-3D-World_2013_10-15-13_029

It comes out in November, and while I don’t plan on getting another Wii U any time soon, this is definitely the best argument so far.

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