superheroic updates

I’m going to interrupt all the Choose Your Own Adventure excitement with a quick update (don’t worry, the fun continues later today).

First off, I keep forgetting to mention it here but I made a Facebook page for this blog. If you dig it and haven’t already, head over via this link or the new Connect sidebar ——–> and throw it a like!

I’ve also got a little Slamm Dunk update…


No, I don’t have a new cover yet, but I did put all the old ones on the subhumanzoids tumblr.  Tumblr kind of annoyed me this morning because I couldn’t just get rid of the Slamm Dunk tumblr and make subhumanzoids the primary account. It’s not a huge deal, but it means when I follow people it goes through the former instead of the latter.

Look forward to an actual Slamm Dunk update soon.

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