what’re ya sellin’?

After a weekend break we’re picking up from last time. Most people chose to [rescue] our ally. And so…

As tempting as the bone is, there’s no way you can let your friend sink to the depths. Pure strength and resolve take over as you chomp down on his generous eyebrow hair and tug him toward the beach. [Throckmorton] coughs and wheezes, but he’s alive. He shakes himself dry and a bunch of diamonds fly out from his fur. 

A voice sounds from behind. “That was craaaazy, man,” it says, asking if you dudes are ok. You turn to see a yellowish creature lumbering over on all fours with a tiny little fella on its back. “We thought you dudemen were done for,” the little one says as he hops off the bigger one’s back. 

He says it’s too bad you couldn’t get that bone, too, “Those ones are, like, crazy rare.” The bigger one bellows in agreement. “Whatever, though, man, maybe we can help ya.” The little dude snaps his fingers and the creature’s body opens up, revealing an item-filled shop.


What’re ya buyin’?

Here’s what ya bought

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