the ultimate question(s)

Picking up from last time, most people wanted to [bark], so:

BOWF! You let out a mighty bark that startles even [Throckmorton]. It shocks you, too, as the platforms in the room rearrange themselves instantly. Now the door from before is above you and the staircase is below. It’s not that different, so…

BOWF! They change again. BOWF! Again. The room is under your control! BOWF! BOWF! BOWF! The red cells swirl, collide, cry, and explode throughout your gleefully morbid display of power. BOWF! BOWF! BO–

“STOP!” A voice booms as the final rearrangement brings a throne into view. A wise-looking creature floats atop it. “Eight times have I heard that shrill sound,” it says, “so eight seconds have you to ask me one question.” 

[Throckmorton] gets the honor since he can talk. Choose what he asks from the menu.



“How do we get home?”

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