gotta find ’em all

Continued from last time, [tame] barely won the vote. And so…

The creature charges, but you and Throckmorton quickly come to a silent agreement as you each dodge the attack. The creature’s head crashes into the sand and he tumbles forward. He shakes it off and does it again, but you both elegantly move out of the way. This continues until exhaustion, and his anger gradually gives way to grief over his lost companion.

Throckmorton smashes some consolation crabs and you all bond over a meal as the sun drops below the jungle canopy.

When morning comes, the creature agrees to help you finish your journey. He grants access to his shop and hands over the Bone Radar and Fishing Kit. You look at the Radar, which shows significant blips in the ocean and jungle. 


Choose one and he’ll give you a ride there!

Most folks chose the jungle!

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