big dumb fighting idiots 8


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NEXT TIME (Thurs 1/21, 1:00pm EST): Killer Kung-Fu Experiment

Today was originally going to be a standard update but I wasn’t happy with ending things on page 22 for the week, so you get four new pages! We’re getting close to the end of what might be considered the first “issue” of Big Dumb Fighting Idiots, but we don’t really do things like that ’round here. Unless ya wanna put out issues of BDFI, of course. Then we absolutely do.

RIP to my dude David Bowie who passed away earlier this week. He was a big influence on me ever since I saw him in Labyrinth, which is one of the finest films ever made. Put his discography on loop until your head hurts (no joke, “Rubber Band” came on shuffle as I was finishing this sentence)!

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