big dumb fighting idiots 38


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NEXT TIME: The End of the Road?!

Is THIS how the saga ends? Did we come all this way just to break up the band on page 90? Of course not. This is, however, the end of the first major Big Dumb Fighting Idiots story arc, so we have good news and bad news.

The BAD NEWS is, we’ll be taking a brief break (boo! hiss!).

The GOOD NEWS is Big Dumb Fighting Idiots will be moving to Saturdays, and officially returns on NOVEMBER 26, 2016, marking the one-year anniversary of its debut! That may seem far off, but it will all make sense once you see where the story is going next.

Thanks as always for reading, but don’t leave! I have other things planned for the site in the meantime, and now is also the perfect opportunity to spread the word about Big Dumb Fighting IdiotsTell everyone you know, because I think they’ll soon realize how quickly these 90 pages go by.

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