big dumb fighting idiots 39 – season 2 begins!


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NEXT TIME: A Whole New World

Man, I TOLD y’all Big Dumb Fighting Idiots would be back! After taking a break to work on Neon Starlight Express, it was kind of an interesting feeling getting back to these pages. Like putting on some comfy old shoes. Anyway, we’re staring straight down the barrel of an honest-to-goodness TIME SKIP, which is a concept I’ve always loved.

Stick around next week to see what else awaits us in this wild new world, and tell your friends about BDFI! If you call it BDFI in front of them it’ll sound even more like an exclusive club they just gotta join.

Lastly, for those of you stopping by for the first time, jump back to the first page and dig in from the beginning!

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