triangle trash

I don’t post about music much on here, but one of my favorite bands has a new EP out on bandcamp today, warranting a quick heads up at the very least. Cheap Dinosaurs are the best; I can’t possibly begin to count how many times I listened to their self-titled album, and they also have a really good cover album of Goblin tracks titled, appropriately, Cheap Dinosaurs Plays Goblin.

Lucky folks who were at this year’s MAGFest—an event I had to miss out on for the first time in the past four years or so—were able to grab a physical copy of the new EP, triangle trash. Now it’s up for everyone else to listen to and download on bandcamp.


I’ve already jammed it a bunch, and while it’s still too early to call it by most sane standards, I don’t have much problem saying it’s better than their s/t. It’s solid from beginning to end, and it even has a song called “Luster.” Who can argue with that? Get it.

in the mouth of strider’s soundtrack

As some of you probably know, a new Strider game is on the way. While I have a handful of reservations about it—it’s coming from developer Double Helix (Silent Hill: Homecoming), which doesn’t exactly have the best track record—I think I’d be happy with a mediocre game so long as it retained the series’ insane music.

Strider (6)
Dave Coulier swings through in an attempt to distract us from the rad Mega Drive cover art
Strider (5)
Seriously, click to make this bigger and just swim in it for a while

I played Strider on Sega Genesis so much as a kid that its tunes just became another matter-of-fact aspect of life that slowly crept into the background. Is music supposed to sound like this? Well, it does now, kid.

Beyond the relatively straightforward and safe opening track were bonkers jams like this:

And who could forget this absolutely mental ditty from the Amazon stage?

The music in the NES game is definitely more in line with Capcom’s offerings of the time, but I’ll never forget the cacophony of madness blasting from that rowdy Genesis sound chip. Here’s the full arcade version for good measure. Let’s all agree that, whatever Double Helix ends up delivering, it won’t be acceptable unless the soundtrack makes us question reality itself.

For the curious, the latest trailer for the 2014 Strider: