triangle trash

I don’t post about music much on here, but one of my favorite bands has a new EP out on bandcamp today, warranting a quick heads up at the very least. Cheap Dinosaurs are the best; I can’t possibly begin to count how many times I listened to their self-titled album, and they also have a really good cover album of Goblin tracks titled, appropriately, Cheap Dinosaurs Plays Goblin.

Lucky folks who were at this year’s MAGFest—an event I had to miss out on for the first time in the past four years or so—were able to grab a physical copy of the new EP, triangle trash. Now it’s up for everyone else to listen to and download on bandcamp.


I’ve already jammed it a bunch, and while it’s still too early to call it by most sane standards, I don’t have much problem saying it’s better than their s/t. It’s solid from beginning to end, and it even has a song called “Luster.” Who can argue with that? Get it.

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