Henston and Georgie Strike Back

Here are some entertainment quickies:

We finally got around to wrapping up season two of Battlestar Galactica, and I can effectively say that the second season is a shadow of what the first achieved in every way. I don’t even know where to start without taking up a lot of space, so I won’t. At this point, convincing me that it’s “The smartest show on TV” would be like telling a paraplegic to “just start walking, pussy.” Oh well, whatever. It was a fun show for the most part.

Thief, which is incidentally one of television’s current crop of amazing shows that justifies my being so harsh on BSG, already had its season finale tonight but we missed it. I hope a lot of people are watching this show. It’s worth it just to see Andre Brauer act in it.

I am getting this movie as we speak. Don’t worry, little Johnny boy, we’ll get some warm milk and a big blanket and watch this bad mofo together.


I “solved” Kingdom Hearts II tonight. This is the best sequel in recent memory. It’s such a vast improvement over the first and as such stands as one of the PS2’s finest games. The last battle was epic in the way that reminded me of those rad pompous bosses in old games like Shinobi that would just sit in a throne and fight you.

Of course, that feature only rang true for one or two of the ba-goddamn-zillion forms the final boss assumed.

I only got 90% completion, but I didn’t think the mostly lame minigames were worth trudging through just to see the “secret ending,” so I peeped it on YouTube. If you don’t ever plan on bothering with KHII, you should check out this video, if not just to see some brief and rad CG.

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