I Want Some Damn Saaaack-aaaay!

Operation: Play Onimusha 2 has begun. Joseph is now only “a lot of” years behind the trends and popular outfits. Yet, he still remains a respectable dandy.

I noticed that Keita Amemiya did the character designs in this one. This, of course, made me enjoy the cock-eyed lizard men and spider-legged warriors that much more. The game is a great continuation aside ftom the awful gift-giving mechanic in employing the aid of other characters.

Utada Hikaru’s videos still make me wonder why I haven’t seen Casshern yet. Even if it’s a mess, it must look cool. I love Kazuaki Kiriya’s visual style. I really love his video for Utada’s “Keep Tryin'” single, as posted below.

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