Don’t Deny Yourself Revenge

No one should be opposed to corny or trashy entertainment. There’s something suspect about you if you can’t enjoy fun garbage.

If I had to choose between trusting someone that immersed themself only in the most gutter of film, the most foul concoctions of creativity, and someone that refused to acknowledge it at all, I’d hand a gun to the former and have them shoot the latter.

On that note, I was thinking about starting some semi-regular features here at The Joseph Luster Report. I almost kicked off The Friday Man Movie (tentative title, of course) with Mission: Impossible III, but I ended up going to sleep around noon on Friday and waking up at 6:30pm.

God of War ate me alive that night and almost caved my skull in near the end. Those fucking Cerebus dogs! I hate them with the passion of a thousand Akshay Kumar flicks†. If you don’t kill the puppies within a minute or so they turn into full-blown Cerebuses…es…Cerebusi? Garybusey?

Today was a complete Chan-wook Park day, I guess. After checking out Tartan’s screener for Lady Vengeance, I went over to Bryan’s and made him finally watch the Korean disc of Old Boy I let him borrow a long time ago. Out of all three, Old Boy is still my favorite. It’s not as harsh and depressing as Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. In fact, it seems to sit appropriately between the other two as far as emotional levels of revenge go. Although, if we’re talking temperature of vengeance between Lady and Mister, I can’t decide which is the hot handle and which is the cold.

† Okay, that statement sounded sort of ambiguous. I can not overstate how awesome Akshay Kumar is.

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