Brett Ratner Presents: X-Men 3: Annihilation!

I don’t have too much to say about X3. Okay, actually I have a lot, but I don’t know if I’ll bother! We went to the midnight screening for some reason, even though I knew it would be bad. Still, cheers to Brett Ratner for surpassing my expectations in the realm of craptitude. Oh, I drew a picture!

I wish we had downloaded this and watched it in a living room with some tall boys so we could loudly crack on every second of it. Picture the X-men spending god knows how long fighting a bunch of Z-list mutants that look like they were created as part of a fan contest and you’ve pretty much got the idea.

Can’t they at least pander to the nerds if they’re going to make a shitty movie? Throw in some insane, random fight with Omega Red or maybe, um, show other mutants aside from “Porcupine Douchebag” and “Guy with Tiny Ears That Can Hear Really Well.”

This movie is amazing in that I came in with my expectations resting on the bottom of the abyss and Ratner was like “Wait bro, there’s totally another abyss below that!”.

It will make a lot of money, though!

4 thoughts on “Brett Ratner Presents: X-Men 3: Annihilation!

  1. Brandon says…That picture is fan-fucking-tastic!It’s probably the only good thing to come out of this movie. I’m glad to hear that my preconceived notions were right on the money. Let’s hear it for blind speculation!

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