Special Holiday Weekend Countdown!

Joey Coco’s Top Five Tokusatsu Openings! I’m putting everything on the line with this list. I hope you trust me to bring you only the finest.

5) Super Robot Mach Baron

Mach Baron is most notable for how distracting it is from the show at hand. The opening almosts suggests that you should black out before the first act. You probably will.

4) Kaiketsu Zubat

Zubat is one of the first tokusatsu openings to really grab the viewer’s balls. The whip is almost a distraction to the coming onslaught of awesome.

3) Super Rescue Solbrain

Help! Help! Stop, that’s all you need to say about the early 90’s monster known as SOLBRAIN!

2) Space Sheriff Gavan

This is my favorite hero, so it’s no surprise that he would make my top opening list, right? Well, it’s not just Kenji Ohba’s charm that lands his spot in history. The waka-waka twangs and transformations combine to make one of the most legendary segments ever spliced together on film.

1) Honoo No Chôjin Megaloman

There’s not much to say here. The explosive musical opening might serve as a pre-punctuation, but Megaloman‘s mullet creates a time vortex that remains unrivaled. Thanks for checking these out. Post your own lists in the comments section if you like. Maybe I’ll post all five in the Joseph Luster Report! Also, there weren’t any sentai shows listed because that would just be unfair. Watch 4 seconds
of FIVEMAN’s OP and you’ll understand. Expect a sentai countdown soon, though!

2 thoughts on “Special Holiday Weekend Countdown!

  1. Brandon said…Joseph, say it ain’t so! All those wonderful titles, but no room for the single greatest tokusatsu of all time?For the benefit of all your readers who deserve to know, I’m making an amendment to your list by adding KAIKETSU LION MARU!!!! I realize it doesn’t really flow with your space cop theme, but it’s got Skull faced ninjas, mystical flying horses, a nasty mole-man, a hot little dagger wielding vixen, and a guy who changes into a half man/half lion with the help of his magic sword!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1Yzpa06I4E

  2. I know, I know. I was waiting for this reply. It’s actually pretty absurd to make a top 5 tokusatsu OP list, because there are too many that are amazing!

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