Farting around trying to come up with scenes for the script. 3:32am: Not much luck so far. What’s that temporary cure for writer’s block? Oh yeah, ordering another Simple 2000 PS2 budget title!

Today’s culprit is Onechanbara 2. Although most would have added it to the cart because of the zombie-slashing japper-nese chickadee on the box, I was sold per usual at NCSX’s typically elegant write-up. Specifically:

A B-movie song plays in the background where a woman occasionally moans out, “Yeah, C’mon” and wails “uuuhuuwooah”

The mailman also finally brought me Zombie Vs. Ambulance and Sega Ages 2500: Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (including Alien Soldier and the JP and EU versions of Dynamite Headdy). I’m still pretty obsessed with Chikyuu Boeigun 2 for the moment, though.

I don’t think energy drinks work on me very well, though I’ve come to really enjoy the taste. I guess I just need to drink a lot of them. I think I’m going to pop another can of Monster and see what happens. I’d love to actually get a scene done tonight, but I keep trashing what I write. I have to constantly tell myself that the deadline is sooner than it really is so Wes and I can crank this shit out like the golden, beautiful egg it is and spend a lot of time polishing it (the turd).

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