Go, Go, Let’s Go!

There’s nothing like a new sentai series to make me want to eat cocoa puffs and buy toys. The latest addition to the tradition is Go Go Sentai Boukenger… and it’s pretty awesome!

Much like but not necessarily to the extent of old British men, Japanese people love to go on adventures. This holds true for the multi-colored boys and girls of Boukenger as they help Toei launch a series that adds tomb raiding and treasure hunting to the expected mecha action.

The team hunts after special hazardous treasures known as “Preciouses” and usually ends up engaging in battle with whatever dead civilization they’ve just awakened as a result.

Okay, true confessions: At the time I originally wrote this I had only watched the first episode, but that seemed like the formula to me (for the record, I was mostly right). The special effects are in the typically awkward late 90s-present style of CG/traditional models mish-mashing, but are pretty good overall. There’s enough tangible FX action to keep the dream alive. This also seems to be the first series shot in 16×9 (as opposed to the widescreen stretching that TV-Nihon started inexplicably doing with some of their previous projects).

I think I’ll keep up with this one, but if you want to watch it, there’s already a handful of episodes out (I’m a little behind). You can get them here.

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