The Horse and His Boi

Kamen Rider Kabuto better be awesome, because I’m spending a hell of a long time downloading it. Boukenger is still rad as hell. I’ve watched the first 11 episodes and the only bad one was the fifth. The latest story arch involved two monsters destroying and stealing the Daibouken, after which Boukenger brought in more armaments to make Super Daibouken and completely maul them (sounds like some garbage I would write, so I love it). Lots of action and CG is only used when necessary.

Despite Patrick’s early warning, I’m almost done downloading the Kamen Rider The First movie. I expect something terrible, but I couldn’t resist.

In other news, my enchantment with the Simple 2000 PS2 series is waning. I love Chikyuu Boeigun 2 and Zombie Vs. Ambulance is fun to pick up for a few minutes when I’m bored, but Onechanbara 2 just sucks all kinds of Zimbabwe elephant ass. The premise is almost indestructable: you run around the city as a hot biker broad slicing up zombies and crows with your katana or blasting them with a shotgun. There’s even this cool feature on the side; a sword meter that builds up the more you kill. I’m not sure what effect it has, but as you cut through the masses your sword drips more and more, and you can clean it off by air-swiping it Lone Wolf & Cub style.

Too bad the game controls like your enemies shamble. It’s hard to accurately run around and slice, you have to be standing still to shoot, and there’s not much incentive not to stand back from a horde and just target them all with your shotgun. A game like this should have some sense of urgency and move at a fast clip. Still, I guess that’s what you get with budget titles; rubber fucking biscuit.

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