Invaders from Darsh

Here are some quick-ease:

Onechanbara 2 came in the mail today. Much to my surprise, I haven’t touched it yet. Why?

• Well, I spent most of today in some kind of stupor, which involved sleeping, cutting grass or reading “the funny books.”

• On the bright side, I finally finished my long-awaited (by millions) review of the first volume of Baian: The Assassin, the 90’s made for TV movie versions of the acupuncturist assassin story starring Ken Watanabe.

• Super Script with Wesley Woo Woo is going well.

• John and I have two more episodes left in the second season of 24, which is awesome. The best part of this is that it means we get to rent and play through the semi-recent PS2 game that takes place between this and season three.

• Number one thing I learned today: In the mid-70s, when HK comics were at their height of basically pirating Japanese comics in either the form of translation or reimagining, Doraemon was presented to the ding dong kids as who else, Ding Dong.

2 thoughts on “Invaders from Darsh

  1. Why did fate have to be so cruel to me and force me to become a corporate tool, while allowing your lifestyle to go unchanged since our middle school days?FYI, the LA move might be coming sooner…maybe jan 07

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