Gavan Dynamic! [part two of ???]

The saga continues…

Space Sheriff Spirits may, much like Cybermorph on the Atari Jaguar, be The First Game™ (all proceeds for this phrase are funneled directly into Dave Halverson’s hairy anus). But before I get into its essential radness, I think I should take some time to wipe the grime off and list a couple of things I would have done differently.

• There’s only one part of the game in which you get to summon Doru and jump on his head for some badass robot-dragon fighting action, but you don’t even get to control it! On that note, you also never get to ride around on Cyberian or drive your Suzuki Samurai. I wish everything I was typing was a pack of lies, but my name isn’t Marianne Williamson.

• It could have used some sort of hub world like the Avalon Club where you could stroll around as Retsu and maybe comb horse hairs or play soccer with little Japanese boys in short pants. Gavan could use some downtime to think about life or maybe update his blog.

• Everything is too easy until the end of the Spirits mode. Ironically, they made Machiko Soga really fucking hard to kill.

Tune in next time as the exciting coverage continues and the Big Questions are answered! Now, I know what you’re all asking yourselves right about now: “Where the heck are my ding dang Gavan scans?”

As promised… more!



Click the thumbs and you’ll be taken to Flickr where you can make them grow like Bandora.

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